Car-Free Ave

The Ave is a place for people - yet it isn't designed as one.  Currently, it prioritizes the flow of traffic over the flow of people.  

The 2017 upzone and the opening of the light rail station brought increased density in the U District, so the need and support for  open space has only increased. Now  is a critical time to reimagine our public right-of-way to fit our future needs.  

The idea of pedestrianization is not new to the U District, with concepts being discussed since the 1950s. A Car-Free Ave would create much-needed space for our community to thrive, opening  the possibility for a variety of people-focused activities: 

  • More outdoor dining areas, or “Streateries”
  • Regular programming of concerts, performances, art, and more
  • Access for delivery and emergency vehicles will still be possible
  • More greenery and community gardens
  • Vintage clothing and mid-week farmers markets
  • Lively and safe nightlife destinations

Act Now!

Sign the online petition to support our decades-long effort to create a truly pedestrian-priority street, like those enjoyed around the world!

How do your neighbors envision a Car-Free Ave?

Collages of great feedback from the recent neighborhood conversation on envisioning a pedestrianized Ave, held at Gould Hall on April 3, 2024 and conducted by Jaykub Rafael, a graduating senior in the Community, Environment, and Planning program at the University of Washington.