2022 Results

Results of Polling by Ping-Pong Ball

At the 2022 U District Streetfair, the following projects were presented to our community. Each visitor to our booth got one ping-pong ball to drop into the tube beside any of the six proposed projects. We counted an amazing 2,468 votes cast among our six proposed initiatives. That's 3 votes/minute!!

Public Toilet

I support a public restroom at the U District light rail station.  

490 total votes

The Ave, a People Street

I want to see The Ave become a pedestrian-priority street. 

823 total votes

The Ave Historic District

We can welcome growth while preserving our cultural heritage for future generations.  

209 total votes

Green Street on 42nd

Let's enhance NE 42nd Street as a key part of  the U District's open space network. 

451 total votes

Safe Crossing over I-5

Let's prioritize the movement of people, not just cars on this bridge between two communities. 

Outdoors On The Ave

Let me dine outdoors & dance to live music in the street again this summer in the U District.

268 total votes