U District Advocates

We are an all-volunteer, non-profit group of neighbors of our U District community. Our membership represents residents, students, merchants, property owners, workers, commuters, and visitors. Funding for our efforts is entirely from generous donations. Please help us by volunteering or donating what you can.

Our mission is to create public open space in the heart of the U District.

The U District urban center will become a prime destination to gather, meet friends and have a unique neighborhood experience. The light rail station, located two blocks from the University of Washington campus and just one block from the district's major commercial avenue, now records the highest daily riders of any station in the city. We aim to create a great public place for these folks, the 23,000 current residents, and the projected 7,000 new residents of the neighborhood. We are committed to making the U District more livable, vibrant and fun for all people who live, work, go to school or visit the neighborhood.

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