Aerial video of the U District Streetfair 2024

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Check out what's been happening in our neighborhood recently:

Summer Green Street Begins!

This weekend, we begin the transformation of one section of NE 42nd Street into a pedestrian-priority area for dining, movies, concerts, art, and more!


We're painting the street mural this Saturday, July 13 from 10am-6pm. Sign up for a shift to join your neighbors and artist Ellee Ruder to make art in the sunshine!

Art & Design Competition

On August 16, the Summer Green Street will be transformed into an open-air art gallery, during the U District Art Walk, featuring the work of local artists and designers.

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This Year's Projects

Our booth at this year's U District Streetfair featured six of our progressive initiatives below:
Public Toilet
There remains an urgent need for public toilet access closer to  The Ave and the light rail station. Just last year, 792 human waste incidents were cleaned up from within the U District boundaries.

A top priority for our local U District Community Council, we seek the central placement of staffed bathrooms.

Car-Free Ave
The Ave is a place for people - yet it isn't designed as one.  Currently, it prioritizes the flow of traffic over the flow of people.  

The 2017 upzone and the opening of the light rail station brought increased density in the U District, so the need and support for  open space has only increased. Now is a critical time to reimagine our public right-of-way to fit our future needs. 

The Ave Historic District
 80% of the buildings on The Ave between NE 41st and 50th streets were built before 1930. 

This year we applied for landmark recognition of The Ave Historic District from the National Register of Historic Places and the Washington State Heritage Register, which would unlock tax incentives to property owners to retrofit their buildings, for preservation and earthquake resilience.

Summer Green Street
With your 1,686 votes last year, we developed a design plan to  transform NE 42nd Street into a 'Green Street', providing a vision for a future, permanent change to this vital connection between  The Ave and campus.

As a form of 'tactical urbanism' (quick, cheap, and temporary modifications), all of this activity will culminate with the U District Food Walk, when The Ave is again prioritized for people on Saturday, September 28.  

Union Bay Nature Trail
An abundance of nature lies just beside the U District along the shores of Union Bay, ideal for bird watching, forest hiking, and waterfront activities. But just one small section of this five-mile trail is missing. 

Once completed, the recreational pedestrian trail would stretch from Laurelhurst in North Seattle, all the way to Madison Park to the South as one continuous nature walk, free from vehicular traffic.  

Outdoor Concerts
During the pandemic, when the safest place to be was outdoors, our neighborhood hosted musical concerts in the middle of the street. Each year since, we booked dozens of bands to perform for free on The Ave when it becomes an open space for people.

Join us for this year's line-up on Saturday, May 18 at 7pm (on The Ave at 42nd)

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