MAY 21 & 22, 2022

U District Streetfair

At the 2022 U District Streetfair our booth featured six projects seeking votes by ping pong ball from visitors. We also invited people to glimpse the future of The Ave as a fully-pedestrianized space with virtual reality goggles. 

At the streetfair, we counted an amazing 2,468 votes cast among our six proposed initiatives. 
That's 3 votes/minute!!

U District Streetfair

The U District Street Fair turned 51 years old in 2022! The country's longest-running streetfair happens the third weekend of May and kicks off Seattle’s summer event season with a 10 block-long arts and crafts fair that takes over The Ave. The two-day event features free live music and performances, and over 40 food trucks and booths. 

This Seattle tradition regularly attracts over 50,000 visitors and now is accessible by link light rail which will transport visitors to the middle of the event.

Visit our booth at this year's U District Streetfair, where we are presenting our progressive initiatives below:
Public Toilet
Public restroom facilities were not incorporated into the U District light rail station but there remains an urgent need for public access to a bathroom. Just last year, 792 human waste incidents were cleaned up from within the BIA boundaries. A key priority for our local U District Community Council, the neighborhood seeks the placement of a 'Portland Loo' within two blocks of the station.
U District Parklet
Consistently the most popular community priority, desired for decades, is the transformation of The Ave into a pedestrian-priority shopping and entertainment destination to rival those of Europe. Since opening at Streetfair in 2015, our crowd-funded public parklet has set the tone for what the U District will inevitably become. This year, it was completely refinished, and you can donate to have your name engraved on a decking board as a fundraiser.
The Ave Historic District
Conspicuously missing from Seattle's five designated historic commercial districts of Ballard Avenue, Columbia City, Pioneer Square, the International District, and Pike Place Market, is The Ave in the University District. A rich, diverse history grounds our development into a modern, dense, urban environment.
Green Street on 42nd
Green Streets emphasize pedestrian movement, landscaping, outdoor seating, traffic calming, and other unique features that make it an attractive environment for all users, regardless of mode of transport. 
Safe Crossing over I-5
The 45th St bridge over I-5 is the only option for walking and biking between the Wallingford & U District urban areas, the light rail station, or north UW Campus. Let's make the crossing safer for everyone while adding an uphill bike lane. 
Outdoors Concerts
During the pandemic, the safest place to congregate was outside, so we made room for people to walk, dine, and dance outdoors. Back again this year for our third season of outdoor concerts, we are hosting evening performances when The Ave is closed to traffic on two Saturdays, May 20th and September 30th

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